Apple 2021 Event: AirPods 3, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Classic Update, Coming in April


Apple‘s original (and supposed) March event that should have happened as scheduled a year after last year was inevitably canceled and pushed later in the following month, as leakers share new information. The new leaks suggest that the first Apple Event of 2021 would focus on the upcoming AirPods 3, iPad Mini Update, along with the iPad Pro and iPad Classic receiving an M1-like chip.

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As all leaks go, this is still something to be debated about and the only official news would come from Apple themselves, by setting up its YouTube channel live stream and having a surprise one for its viewers. The plan did not go as predicted, particularly with this month’s event, which should have brought the first-look on new iPads.

The popular and most valuable technology company is speculated for a lot of offers for its speculated April 2021 Event, particularly because it would be the first showcase of the company for the year. Apple is already behind popular rivals like Samsung, LG, and others, as they have already revealed smartphones in their events and CES 2021.

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Apple Apil Event 2021: All Things iPad

Apple iPad Pro

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According to Jon Prosser’s speculations via Twitter (@jon_prosser) on Wednesday, March 17, Apple has decided that its event would be held in April, which is a big change in its direction as it was a rare occurrence for the company. Additionally, the leaker did not go into details as to why Apple has changed its March launch to an April event.


On the other hand, leaks from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also confirm the Apple event that would take place in April, and he discussed the massive possibility that it would all be about the iPad tablets. The tablets included in the leaks are the three most popular variants from Apple, the iPad Classic, iPad Pro, and the most-awaited iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini has been the focus of leaks and wishlist of the public, particularly because the last version of the Mini (5th Generation) was last seen in 2019. Many leaks in 2020 also mentioned the iPad Mini update but it never seemed to arrive, and the year has run out. Now, it is time for 2021 to reveal the new iPad Mini as speculated.

Apple Event to Debut New M1 Chip for the iPad Lineup

Will There Really be an Apple Event on March 23?

(Photo : Screenshot from: @jon_prosser Twitter)
Will There Really be an Apple Event on March 23?

On the other hand, Gurman also added that the iPad lineup would have this event highlighted for them, particularly because of the M1-like chip that would be fitted for the tablets, giving crazy speeds and performance.

The leaks suggest that Apple is back with TSMC since last year, and is aiming to debut the ARM-based Silicon chip for the iPad, which was a huge success for the Mac. Despite the iPad already having ARM-based chips as its CPU, it would debut something similar to the M1, giving it that nimble and agile process.

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