Apple : Over Million Fake Apple Products Sold on Instagram and Other Online Shops Finally Removed!


Apple Anti-Counterfeit Team Removes Over a Million Listings for Fake Apple Products on Instagram and Other Marketplaces 
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Apple currently has a whole team of dedicated experts that all focus solely on trying to ferret out certain counterfeit products and stop them from generally being sold. Apple has recently shared the tidbit in a certain statement to Bloomberg on a certain piece about counterfeit iPhone chargers in general.

Apple crackdown on fakes

According to the story by MacRumors on Tuesday, March 16, it was noted that the safety of the customers is the company’s first priority and the whole risks that are associated with the counterfeit products can actually be very serious.

People have noted that they actually have a team of dedicated experts all working together with merchants, law enforcement, and even social media as well as e-commerce companies around the world all trying to remove the said counterfeit products generally from the marketplace.

Last year alone, the company has reportedly removed over a million different listings for counterfeit as well as fake Apple products directly from online marketplaces that would include both Facebook and Instagram.

Bloomberg’s main piece delves directly into certain fake chargers that in some times have caused harm to its users. With a number of those chargers all being investigated, it was found that a majority of them were sold on Instagram, Facebook, and even some other social media sites.

Counterfeit Apple products being sold online

The Chinese factories as well as illicit vendors reportedly sell certain knockoff Apple accessories at reportedly cheap prices. The products are notably hard to tell apart from those original products.

They were noted to be identical especially when it came to appearance when compared to the real thing. However, the big difference between the fake products is that they do not go through and have the exact same safety standards.

Andrea Stroppa, a certain security researcher who had accidentally used a certain counterfeit product that was borrowed from a friend, had launched a certain investigation along with his colleagues coming from Ghost Data Team.

Their particular study coming from February 8 up to March 8 had found that there were reportedly 163 wholesale sellers that had been selling these counterfeit Apple products over on Instagram. These fake AirPods Pro would just charge $25 while the fake MagSafe Charger would cost just $5.

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Apple crackdown on fake products

The dangers of these fake products, as noted by Bloomberg, is that they do not pass the standard safety regulations and the method of which they were manufactured in is still unknown. What’s worse is that due to the cheap prices, users won’t know if the items were made using genuine materials or if the materials themselves used to make these products are in itself also very dangerous. 

Apple’s crackdown on fake products could help minimize the risk of people having unregulated Apple product ripoffs when buying them online. Some purchasers might not even be aware that they are purchasing a ripoff instead of the original one.


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