Chunshuitang strawberry milk is back! Explosive rammed “Strawberry Milk Cream and Pearl Jasmine Milk” is on sale for a limited time


“Chun Shui Tang” is famous all over the world for its pearl milk tea. Reporter Chen Ruizhong/Photography, Newspaper information photo

When all kinds of strawberry series desserts and hand cranks are on the stage one after another, the main research and development of the world’s first cup of bubble milk tea “Chun Shui Tang”, also in December to coincide with the strawberry season , with the super popular “Strawberry Milk Cream and Pearl Jasmine Milk” come back. ! This strawberry milk , which combines national drinks and the most rammed fruit in winter , is a dreamy item in the minds of many loyal fans. It detonated the strawberry queue control craze as soon as it was launched in previous years. As soon as the official news came out this year, it also immediately caused netizens to mark their friends and relatives. , Which means to give it a try.

Reporter Chen Ruizhong/Photography
Reporter Chen Ruizhong/Photography
Among the drinks of “Chun Shui Tang”, pearl milk tea is the most classic and best-selling. The eye-catching pink vision of “Strawberry Milk Cream and Pearl Jasmine Milk” is made of fresh strawberries and emerald green tea. In addition to the appearance, it appeals to the girl’s heart, with a sweet flavor of jasmine. Also much loved. The unique milk tea base is added with the signature Q bomb pearls, and finally decorated with pure white milk cream and some strawberry slices, ready to challenge the title of the strongest overlord in the strawberry industry.

“Strawberry Milk Cream and Pearl Jasmine Milk” will be officially launched in stores across Taiwan starting from 12/15, 145 yuan per cup in the North Taozhu District and 135 yuan per cup in the Central and Southern District. It is suitable for two people to eat together and try it out. As of January 31, 2020 Have the opportunity to taste a limited time period.

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