[Confirmed] The ‘OnePlus Watch’ Will be Launching with the OnePlus Smartphones Release Next Week: Learn More


[Confirmed] The ‘OnePlus Watch’ Will be Launching with the OnePlus Smartphones Release Next Week: Learn More 
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While it’s been rumored for a couple of years now, it has finally been confirmed that OnePlus is officially releasing a smartwatch of its own. While other brands like Apple and Samsung already have smartwatches of their own, OnePlus is reportedly joining the trend with the OnePlus watch.

OnePlus Watch: smartwatch

According to an article by Slashgear, while this is OnePlus’ first ever smartwatch, it still isn’t technically the company’s first wearable.

Previously, the company launched its OnePlus Band fitness tracker circulating for a series of a few months. While there have been clues left and right regarding OnePlus and its upcoming smartwatches, the company has only released an official teaser of the watch recently.

The OnePlus Watch is reportedly expected to be debuting along with the other OnePlus 9 series some time next week. Since its very infancy, OnePlus has reportedly been expected to come out with its own take on the whole smart wearable market.

The company had later admitted that such a OnePlus smartwatch was actually in the works.

Rumors confirmed

Due to actually being quite new to the whole mobile market, it had then decided to just focus on doing what it does best as of the moment.

That was reportedly almost seven years ago, and the company has been able to mature into quite a formidable contender in the new market as of today.

However, there were still hints last year that the smartphone manufacturer would finally be launching a brand new smartwatch, and there were even rumors that the company had decided to scrap the idea again and again.

Nevertheless, it did launch its wearable this year, but it was still just a fitness tracker. But consumers now have an official OnePlus Watch to look out for. 

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OnePlus Watch release date

The post on the OnePlus Community Forums pretty much clears up all the smoke and doubts regarding whether or not the OnePlus Watch is real. It shows some hints that pretty much point towards an upcoming smartwatch, like a clock ticking and other watch-related features.

The device will also have a much-needed sleep tracker figure.

The OnePlus Watch release date is expected to be on Mar. 23 and will go hand in hand with the company’s awaited OnePlus 9.

OnePlus has been one of the smartphone companies that consumers have seen a lot of traction lately as other bigger competitors like Huawei have decided to focus on the more high-end technology as well as other ventures.

Knowing OnePlus, it usually prices its products somewhere in the middle, which could give potential consumers an idea of how much the OnePlus Watch would cost. As of the moment, however, there is still no official announcement as to just how much the OnePlus watch really costs, and consumers will just have to wait a few days more

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