Digital PS5 Owners Will be Able to Use DVDs with This Add-On


Digital PS5 Owners Will be Able to Use DVDs with This Add-On 
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There is now going to be a way for PS5 owners to be able to use discs with the addition of a certain device. Nasne is known to be a headless TV tuner as well as DVR that would be able to stream video to the playstation or even to the mobile device.

DVD extension device

While the Microsoft sunsets live TV listing in OneGuide is good for the Xbox One, a much earlier Sony effort that had brought live TV as well as the DVR feature to the PlayStation is now making a comeback. Back in 2010, Sony had actually launched a live TV tuner for the previous PS3 called the Torne, and this was eventually followed up with the new Nasne.

Nasne is a combo device that reportedly blends the tuner along with a built-in hard drive as well as support for streaming media. It had then eventually supported the next PS4 as well but then died out anyway.

PlayStation DVD addition

According to the story by Engadget, Nasne is finally back and now manufactured by another company known as Buffalo. However, it still has the very same similar function and serving of the headless DVR unit that would pull in the TV streams for people to be able to view on either their PlayStation console or even mobile device.

The product page now reveals that along with the upgraded built-in storage, it will now also be capable of supporting a massive 6TB of external storage. This means that users will be able to combine multiple units for them to record even more than just one channel all at once.

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Nasne DVD device

There is now an available pre-order page over at Amazon in Japan where the particular device will cost buyers 29,800 yen or about $273 for the standard 2TB of storage. The PS5-ready app is also now expected to be coming by the end of this 2021. The said new software will reportedly not do anything for its own design which is supposedly meant to match the previous PS3.

While the PlayStation 5 is extremely hard to buy, those that already have the PS5 will still be able to enjoy the classic DVDs that they might already have with the addition of this new device. Although most movies and shows are still streamed online, the addition of this device could revive the old DVDs lying in the corner.

While most shows are being watched online, there are still people that enjoy watching their favorite shows using a DVD without interruptions, not even needing the internet connection. While 5G internet connection hasn’t reached its full potential yet as providers are still building a strong 5G network, those with poor internet that still want to watch their shows uninterrupted can do so by watching their shows through a DVD.

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