Hidden dessert cafe in the opera house! Taichung Xitun “Kongxia Coffee” has a beautiful window view like a sky garden


Korxia Coffee is the first new brand in Taichung created by French dessert Fami and a 13-year-old water restaurant in Taichung. It is located on the 6th floor of the National Taichung Opera House. The brand name Café Crotchet is taken from the English “quarter note”. It can bring music into dessert food, and integrate local elements, Eastern and Western food and dessert afternoon tea .

The space is exquisite and small, the decoration is very fresh and soft with a little literary breeze, facing the “Summer Green Park “, the large glass curtain allows the outdoor greenery to extend in, and the sunlight and light are naturally scattered in the room. It is warm and sweet. It is a happy afternoon, which is a good place for dating.


It is located on the 6th floor of the National Taichung Opera House. If you don’t take the elevator, you can take this beautiful spiral staircase.

The holiday business is very good. I wanted to take a few more shots of the environment, but I was afraid of disturbing the guests, so I was not very satisfied.

Looking at the high-rise buildings and the greenery of the summer green park outside the window, coupled with the music playing in the store, the whole person is very relaxed, and the mood is naturally lightened.

There are not many seats, and the soft space with a romantic atmosphere is perfect for dates!

Summer green park surrounded by tall buildings

There are half-compartment seats behind the half-open kitchen, and the store has tried its best to use the limited space.