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Rumors suggest that Apple will likely add under-display Touch ID on iPhone 13. At the same time, with the Apple Watch unlock feature on iOS 14.5, the company points to another year with only Face ID biometric authentication. Here’s what we know so far.

Barclays analysts, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal have published in the past few months that Apple is testing or is likely to add under-display Touch ID on iPhone 13. Although the reports corroborate this rumor, it’s not from this iPhone Apple seems to be testing the reintroduction of Touch ID.

The fact is that the pandemic brought this matter to the table again because people have to wear a mask, and Face ID doesn’t work when you are wearing one.

At first, Apple updated the iPhone to show the passcode screen when Face ID recognizes a mask. A year later, the company is going to launch iOS 14.5 that adds the ability to unlock the phone with the Apple Watch.

Although not everyone who owns an iPhone also owns an Apple Watch, under-display Touch ID doesn’t seem ready based on other smartphones that use an embedded fingerprint scanner under the display.

In January, Qualcomm announced a new in-screen fingerprint sensor that’s 50% faster and 77% larger than its previous technology. This sensor is featured in the newest Samsung Galaxy S21 and in fact, it’s fast and reliable, but it’s not as fast as Face ID and not even as secure.

I’ve been testing the Galaxy S21 for a while and I’m enjoying the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but if Apple is going to use Qualcomm’s technology, it may need another year to be fully ready. Apple could also approach the iPad Air style, with the Touch ID on the Power Button, but this isn’t as convenient or practical as traditional Touch ID on Home Button.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in an investor note earlier this month that there is “no visibility on the current schedule for the iPhone” to adopt Touch ID in the power button this year. Kuo talks about a smaller notch, bigger batteries, and 120Hz refresh rate support, but no button Touch ID.

We also know that Apple tests a lot before introducing new technology. Reports have indicated that Apple is “testing” in-screen Touch ID, and given the iPhone launch schedules, plans should be finalized soon if not already.

Finally, Bloomberg has reported that this year is likely to be an “S” year in terms of upgrades for the iPhone. Because in-screen Touch ID is a big feature, Apple might save it for the next major iPhone upgrades.

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