Jon McNeill on VC 2.0 and creating startups in house

    Jon McNeill on VC 2.0 and creating startups in house

    What’s the common thread between Tesla, building startups, General Motors, venture capital and Lyft? 

    Jon McNeill, co-founder and partner of DVx Ventures, joins Tech Zone Daily editor Kirsten Korosec on Equity to discuss how Elon Musk’s pay package has influenced founders, when it makes sense to go light on cash and heavy on equity, and his firm’s unique approach to investing that eschews the traditional management fee structure. 

    McNeill describes DVx as VC 2.0. The firm comes up with business ideas and builds them into a startup within the firm before it goes out to find the leadership team. To date, the firm has started and invested in 14 portfolio companies that span EVs and AI, SaaS, consumer tech and climate tech. 

    McNeill also walks Equity through the startup creation process, managing risk and how to spot opportunities that can disrupt the market. 

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