Keep your important files safe with this simple cloud storage deal


Keep all your important files, documents, and photos safe with a reliable cloud storage system that works seamlessly with all of your devices. That is exactly what you’ll get with this one-year subscription to 4Sync Premium 1TB Cloud Storage.

You can save and retrieve your files at any time from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or from website with an intuitive interface. You’ll never be without access to the files, documents, or photos you need.

This one-year subscription gives you 1TB of storage space, which is more space than most any person would ever come close to needing.

You can transfer or access your files from anywhere at any time, and it will always be safe. 4Sync guarantees the protection of your data against disasters, equipment failure, or even human error.

4Sync will provide backup copies of your files and keep them secure.

This system is designed for students, teachers, photographers, businesses, and anyone that needs a safe, simple way to store and retrieve files. You don’t need to be a computer expert to follow the simple steps to save, retrieve or share your files.

There are some special aspects to 4Sync that you won’t find on other cloud services, including a simple subdomain setup for shared folders, a link shortener to shorten links in a web app for easy sharing with others, and granular access permissions.

4Sync also includes a built-in media player for your video and audio needs. It allows you to embed widgets or audio/video files from streaming on websites, blogs, or other locations.

This one-year subscription to 4Sync normally costs $203, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $49.99, a savings of 75 percent.

Prices subject to change

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