This $450 American ‘Freedom’ Phone Comes with Pre-Installed Parler, Yet Made in China?


This $450 American ‘Freedom’ Phone Comes with Pre-Installed Parler, Yet Made in China? 
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While Parler is no longer downloadable directly from Google Play or the App Store, those wanting to still engage in Parler can do so with this $450 Freedom Phone where the app is already pre-installed. This would allow users to access the Parler app without much hardship.

American Freedom Phone

Parler users will be able to order a new “Freedom Phone” in order to access the app through a new smartphone. Over the course of the past few months, Parler has faced quite a lot of hardships in providing users with access towards the social media platform. The brand new phone comes with the uncensored app store might prove to be a new way around everything.

During the January 6 US Capital riots, Parler has reportedly found itself offline. After the official Amazon Web Services have removed their web hosting support for the official Parler website, Google and Apple have also removed app store support for the other Parler Android and iOS apps. Ever since then the service has reportedly found a hosting replacement. The apps, however, still remain officially unavailable.

Accessing Parler

Although there is still a workaround for the official Android app, the Apple iPhone app will most likely still remain inaccessible through the official iOS App Store. In a move to fixing this issue, there is now a Freedom Phone being made available and the website confirms that the main purpose of the smartphone is for free speech and is said to be a privacy-focused device that reportedly won’t put users’ voices on silent.

According to the article by ScreenRant, this Freedom Phone reportedly costs $449.99 and already comes with a preloaded Parler. Another addition which is quite surprising is that the phone will also come with its FreedomOS App Store where some other apps will also be available to download.

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Android Freedom Phone?

The app’s webpage notes that in addition to Parler, the Freedom Phone users will be able to access DuckDuck Go, Rumble, Newsmax, and even One America News Network along with some other popular banned and other unbanned apps. The Freedom Phone won’t just stop at the app store as the device also comes running on the FreedomOS which is the first ever mass-marketable mobile phone OS based on free speech. This was according to its website.

The website also points out that the device was removed from Android, that’s not really the case though. Whether or not it still comes with the regular Google suite of apps, the phone’s operating system is maybe almost certainly a new version of Android. The only other confirmed specs and features as of the moment are the six-inch display, a good storage, microSD, dual–SIM, and also a good camera. Although this particular version of Android won’t really come with that many restrictions as some other devices, those extra restrictions are what allows the Android phone to carry not just Google Play Store but also other Google apps in general.

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