What You Need To Raise Your Series A Today

    What You Need To Raise Your Series A Today

    Raising a Series A round in today’s competitive market can be a daunting task. To equip seed-stage founders with the insights and strategies needed for success, Tech Zone Daily Disrupt 2024 will host a crucial session on the Builders Stage titled “What You Need to Raise a Series A Today.” This session will bring together some of the industry’s most experienced investors to share what they and their firms are looking for in their next Series A deals.

    Attendees of this session will gain unparalleled insights from these industry veterans, learning what investors are currently seeking and how to position their startups for success. From understanding the key metrics and milestones that matter to investors to crafting a compelling narrative that highlights their startup’s unique value proposition, founders will take away the knowledge and confidence needed to secure their Series A funding. Let’s meet these Series A mavens!

    Renata Quintini, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Renegade Partners. Renata has spent the past 15 years investing in founding teams that are transforming the trajectory of humanity through technology. Before co-founding Renegade Partners, she was a Partner at Lux Capital, specializing in early-stage deep technology investments.

    Joining Renata will be Corinne Riley, Partner at Greylock. Corinne has a strong track record of partnering with early-stage founders who are creating data and AI products at both the infrastructure and application layers. She has worked with companies such as Adept, Baseten, Braintrust, Common Room, Opal, and WarpStream. 

    Rounding out the panel, Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund will be joining us on stage. Elizabeth’s experience spans pre-seed investing, having been a partner at 500 Startups where she managed seed stage investments and ran an accelerator program. She co-founded and successfully exited an adtech company, LaunchBit, providing her with a well-rounded perspective on the entrepreneurial journey. 

    About Tech Zone Daily Disrupt 2024

    Tech Zone Daily Disrupt is where you’ll find innovation for every stage of your startup journey. Whether you’re a budding founder with a revolutionary idea, a seasoned startup looking to scale or an investor seeking the next big thing, Tech Zone Daily Disrupt offers unparalleled resources, connections and expert insights to propel your venture forward. Over 10,000 startup leaders will be attending this year’s event on October 28-30 in San Francisco.

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