Clubhouse Creator First Could Help Content Creators to Monetize Podcasts, Shows


Clubhouse would soon debut a program that could be helping in the earnings of a content creator as it features to maximize resources and point the influencers to the proper tools to monetize their production. This means that the audio-only application is commercializing its platform, and extending its reach to more audiences and partners.

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The audio-only application that boomed and gained massive recognition during the pandemic, Clubhouse, shared its recent venture that aims to assist content creators in earning in the platform like in other social media. This means that the exclusive and invite-only application would soon expand its market to more users and partners for this to happen.

Podcasting is one of the most challenging types of producing content, as it mostly depends on talking and sharing one’s expertise, opinion, side, or view on a specific subject matter that does not include other media. In a modernized world that has incorporated multiple elements in a single production, merely basing on content and talk would take more than words to create.

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Clubhouse Creator First Program: Content Creators Monetization


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Since Clubhouse is an audio-only application, the only content it can produce and bring to the public is podcasting or talk shows within the platform, and this could soon be a massive feature from the company. According to Clubhouse via Twitter (@joinClubhouse), the “Creator First” program aims to point influencers in the proper direction and grow their content. 

The weekly Town Hall meeting of the Clubhouse app discussed the possibility of getting users to increase their popularity and improve their earnings within the platform, providing a massive opportunity among its community. This is a massive leap from Clubhouse and its services, as it is still an expanding platform that aims to bring audio talks among its users. 

Moreover, the Creator First program could potentially improve the content within the application, as the influencers and other talk show hosts could now prepare new content and episodes to showcase their craft. The company is now seeking applications for the first batch of content creators to join the program and have their platforms boosted by the company. 

Clubhouse Creator First Program Applications


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Interested applicants may apply on Clubhouse’s official website to get accommodated by the Creator First program and join the possible monetization that would aid in looking for resources and generating income. The deadline of the application would close on March 31, and the first batch would get the first fine treatment from the company. 

The Creator First program is available for all current Clubhouse app users, and would only accept those with an active profile within the company. The application for this is not to apply for account creation in the platform, as it remains an exclusive one that features an invite-only method of getting in the audio-only platform.

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