Clubhouse gives in to the influencer craze with its Creator First program


Love it or hate it, but if there is a platform where a few people come together to share ideas, watch videos or just look at cat photos, you will find influencers there. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, from a certain perspective. In addition to giving the platform more visibility, it becomes a source of livelihood for some folks, who might end up making some good money from endorsements. The likes of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch have done it to a phenomenal degree of success, and the latest one trying to replicate the formula is buzzy audio chatroom app Clubhouse.  

Even if you’re in the nascent stage of building an audience with interesting content, Clubhouse will give you a chance.

The company has announced what it calls the Clubhouse Creator First program that will help a handful of creators monetize their content on the platform. The registration process is already open and will go through March 31 from this page, in case you’re interested. When you fill the application form, Clubhouse will gauge your candidature based on your reach on one or more social media platforms. However, the company notes that it is looking for creators at every stage of growth

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“Clubhouse Creator First is an accelerator program designed to help aspiring creators on Clubhouse host amazing conversations, build their audience, and monetize.”

Additionally, the application wants you to pitch the idea of your audio chatroom show that you’d like to host on Clubhouse, and the genre it falls under. Plus, the company also appears to be surveying the kind of tools and facilities that influencers would ideally seek from the Creator Accelerator program, ranging from post-show analytics and tipping to mentorship and brand partnerships or sponsor matching. 

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Twitter, Facebook or Telegram, everyone wants to replicate the Clubhouse formula right now

Just over a month ago, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison revealed that the company is working on a subscription model that would allow creators to monetize their content. Right now, there are no monetization tools such as ads or paid events on the platform, but that is about to change soon. Clubhouse has been generating a lot of buzz lately, enough that it has prompted social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter – and even Telegram – to jump into the audio chatroom game.

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