DON’T TWEET THIS! Twitter Automatically Blocks This Word: Learn More


DON’T TWEET THIS! Twitter Automatically Blocked This Word: Learn More 
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Twitter users have suddenly been banned on the social media website when they tweet a particular word. The temporary ban would reportedly happen to those users tweeting the simple word “Memphis” and the issue is still going on, which means users should be careful if they are to experiment. Although the issue is currently fixed, the whole event raised curiosity.

Twitter bans the word ‘Memphis’

Tweeting the particular word appeared to be the cause in dozens of accounts getting suspended.

According to an article by The Independent, a number of users have shared some online screenshots of their accounts being banned pinpointing that the main problem was caused by them tweeting out the word “Memphis.”

This bizarre happening on Twitter did catch the eyes of a number of Twitter users including players coming from the Olympique Lyonnais, which is a French football club. The fans have directly tagged Twitter in their tweets asking the social media if they can “talk about him” while attaching a picture of the popular Dutch midfielder known as Memphis Depay.

Non-offensive word banned?

This tweet displays the problem of the word Memphis being blocked. It’s become a problem since there are actually famous people named Memphis as well.

Some users reportedly made a theory that the problem was actually a result of Depay having trademarked his very own name in order to make sure that nobody can use it. Even if this was the case, there is technically still no indication that Twitter would allow or not allow people to use trademarked words on the social media platform.

What’s peculiar, however, is that the NBA team, the Memphis Grizzlies, still looked okay when tagged. The team then wrote that “the gang from Memphis” was then about to play basketball but this did not result in the account actually being banned from Twitter.


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Twitter corrects issue

A number of users have also decided to change their Twitter name to “Memphis” in order to prove a point.

It was still quite unclear just how the bug started or better yet why, but a number of social media users were reportedly able to tweet the said name without being banned or even flagged as of the moment.

It is also possible that the particular word had actually just been mistakenly flagged by Twitter’s automated systems with an initial purpose of spotting certain problematic contents. Users were then told that they had actually been violating the main rules of Twitter just like if they were to use offensive or banned language.

An article by Commercial Appeal, reveals that users have started to report that the ban on the word “Memphis” has somehow been lifted and that they are able to tweet the word again.

The happening, however, is still quite bizarre and Twitter has finally gotten back to those that have reported the issue, noting that it was due to a bug and that the popular social media platform had reportedly fixed this issue.


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