Facebook’s Watch Party to Stop on April 16: Here’s What You Should Know About This Change


Facebook wil now finally part ways with Watch Party, a feature where people can host and watch virtual videos in real-time together with their friends through the social media platform.

The said feature will bid farewell soon, and we can no longer conduct virtual parties where everyone can react, comment, share, and enjoy videos together.

Facebook Will Say Goodbye to Watch Party Next Month

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According to Facebook’s  Help Center,  the Watch Party feature will be removed on Apr. 16, 2021. This means that all related things, including reactions and comments, will also be removed on the said date.

If you want to preserve your comments and posts that you have done previously in the said feature, you can use the “Download your Information” tool so you can revisit the memories that you have shared with your friends.

Furthermore, make sure that you keep a copy of your information before Apr.15, so you can safely secure your data before it is removed. Apparently, if you try to download your data on Apr. 16, you will not be able to see them anymore.

Also, there will be no changes that will happen to the comments, reactions, and posts that do not have a connection with previous Watch Parties you hosted or were on.

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How to Download a Copy of your Watch Party Data from Facebook?

From the same source, follow these steps for you to save your copy before the due date:

  1. Click the downward arrow located at the top right of Facebook.
  2. Head to the Settings & Privacy, and tap the Settings.
  3. Click “Your Facebook Information” in the left column.
  4. Tap “View” beside the “Download Your Information”
  5. To add or remove categories of data from your request, click the boxes on the right side of Facebook. To download your watch party data, add these categories:

    • Posts
    • Comments
    • Likes and Reactions

  6. Select other options, including:

    • The format of your download request
    • The quality of photos, videos and other media
    • A specific date range of information. If you don’t select a date range, you’ll request all the information for the categories you have selected.

  7. Click “Create File” to confirm the download request.

Now that you have accomplished a request to download the copy, proceed to the section of “Available Copies.” You can see that your request will be marked as pending, so you will have to wait for some days before it could be settled.

After the preparation for the download request, check if there’s a notification that is sent by Facebook so you can download your requested copy. 

To check and download your requested data, head to the “Download Your Information” tool and look for “Available copies.” You can now click “Download” once you have entered your password.

Its Implication to the Users

Since the pandemic started, users have immersed themselves in videos through the Watch Party feature. By removing the said feature, Facebook is also removing a feature that binds its users together in the comfort of their homes for several months.

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