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Amazfit is known for making affordable wearables with a slew of features. The Huami company offers is wide range of products, including smartwatches and fitness bands. However, one feature that’s missing from these wearables – and it is found on competitor devices – is ECG. While the company is working on its upcoming devices, it plans to introduce ECG and blood pressure monitoring in its upcoming wearables. It will also introduce improvements in AI deep learning, and possible Spotify integration.

The latest development comes from Zepp Health COO Mike Yeung who told Wareable, “We are currently engaging with the US FDA and on areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. While we are getting our own algorithm to be FDA certified, we are already in partnership with Alivecor here in the States.” For the unaware, Huawei acquired Zepp, a smart wearable brand originating from Silicon Valley, in 2018. It has allowed Huami to offer more features on its Amazfit devices. Zepp has been helping Amazfit in AI deep learning by collecting massive amounts of data and feeding it into an artificial intelligence deep learning engine. 

As for the Alivecor reference, the company has been producing EKG sensors. In fact, it was the first company to get an ECG accessory for the Apple Watch approved by the FDA. “Everybody heard about how Apple Watch got FDA approval, but to be frank, almost 18 months before that, we actually had our Health Band certified as a medical device by the China FDA so it can measure ECG accurately as a medical device,” said Yeung. 

Instead of just catching up to Apple and Samsung, the brand aims to offer blood pressure monitoring and glucose tracking. Plus, Zepp Health is also working with the Chinese health authorities on COVID-19 detection and is on the path to success. Moreover, Huami is working with Spotify to garner more users in the US. 

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