How to Unlock Your Phone and Make it Open Line: Android and iOS


How to Unlock Your Phone and Make it Open Line: Android and iOS 
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For those that have purchased a phone that ended up not to be open line and are now struggling to use the SIM of their choice, fear not! There is actually a way to make the phone open line and allow any SIM of the users’ choice (as long as it is functional) to be used. This method is pretty easy and can be done even without the technical background most people think is needed.

How to make your phone open line

The common misconception is that the whole process is extremely hard and that making a phone open line takes a huge amount of work, technical skills, or equipment in order to pull off. An article by TechAdvisor, however, gives an alternative solution to unlocking the phone.

How to unlock your phone

  • Try contacting the provider to request for an unlock. This is from the original network and not the new SIM provider.
  • If the provider agrees to unlock the phone, power it down and put the new SIM then turn it back on.
  • Test the phone if it has successfully been unlocked by making a call or sending a message.

For those without an original SIM card, the phone might have to be reset before it can be used as unlocked.

Is unlocking a phone legal?

An article by Uswitch tackles whether or not unlocking the phone is legal. Technically, it is. However, consumers will be voiding their warrants which means that if things were to happen to the phone after it has been unlocked, the user won’t be covered by the warranty and they would have to find to replace or fix the broken parts.

Although there are third-party shops that are capable of fixing a phone when it breaks, the user might have to be forced to use them since the original SIM provider might not entertain a fix in-shop anymore. This is one of the downsides of having the phone made open line.

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Another way to unlock your phone

Another alternative, although not 100% recommended since it is hard to pinpoint which shops can be trusted, is to have third-party shops unlock the phone themselves. Generally, they do a good job especially if they have been doing this for quite a while and it is part of their popular services.

It is important for the phone owner to resist the temptation of trying to tinker the device themselves since the problem might be a bit complicated. One thing that the owner can do, however, is request for an open line from the SIM providers.

This would then guarantee that the SIM owner would be able to unlock their phones without risking doing great damage to them. For those that have no need to unlock their phones, it might be better to leave them as is as unlocking them could forfeit their warranty.

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