iPhone Emegency SOS Hack: How Your Power Button Can Help


Unfortunately, the world has become a scary place, especially for women, what with all the bad things that could happen to them anywhere, even at the comfort of their own home. 

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You can use your iPhone to send an alarm and call emergency services.

Good thing devices these days are putting these things into mind whenever they design gadgets that both men and women could use, not just to make their daily lives easier but also to help them whenever they feel unsafe or if they are in imminent danger.

Among these devices is the iPhone, a product from tech giant Apple, Inc.

iPhone Emergency SOS Hack

According to Gearbrain, iPhone devices apparently has an emergency SOS feature that would immediately call emergency services, including the police, as well as share your current location with all of your contacts–a useful feat for when you need immediate medical attention or worse, you are being followed or assaulted.

Apple users can make an emergency call by pressing down their devices’ power button, which would also create a loud siren alarm that you can use to draw attention to you and your current situation.

Meanwhile, in a post by The Sun, another iPhone emergency hack was shared by the Instagram user The India Edit.

Based on the Instagram post, all iPhone owners have to do is rapidly press their devices’ lock button five times in a row to get the same emergency SOS, where they can call emergency services and share their location with specific people on their contact list.

Apparently, this hack is available on a wide range of iPhone devices.

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Setting it Up

If you are an owner of any iPhone, search “Emergency SOS” on your device and then set it up to your preference, including who gets your location data and which services you can easily call.

iPhone emergency SOS hack

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An Instagram user shared an easy but important iPhone hack everyone can use.

Remember to only share your location with people you fully trust, as it can also be used to spy on you, so be sure you set up the feature with that in mind.

The feature should appear on your Settings app.

Moreover, you can use your phone’s Health app in cases of medical emergencies, where you can fill up important data such as your blood type, any medications you are currently taking, allergies you may have, and any known diseases you have.

You can then set emergency contacts that will be alerted of your situation if you require it.

Share to Loved Ones and Friends

As soon as the hacks were shared online, people, especially women, were quickly re-sharing it to their friends on social media, hoping to make it as common knowledge as possible in hopes of saving a life.

In the United Kingdom, women are especially keener to spread the hack with the sudden disappearance of 33-year-old woman Sarah Everard who went missing in the London streets after leaving her friend’s home earlier this month on Mar. 3.

Setting up Emergency features on your device, if possible, is necessary and useful in times when you are unable to make calls yourself, so make sure you start looking at your phone and setting it up in cases of emergencies.

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