Movavi Slideshow Maker and Picverse: Upgrade Your Presentation with the Best Easy-to-Use Tool and Look Professional!


Movavi is offering its best presentation tools, up for grabs with its Slideshow Maker and Picverse which aims to assist the user to give the best possible output in order to highlight his work and report for multiple needs. The tool can be used for various applications like the work, personal, home, or school-related features, giving the creator professional abilities to create a presentation which would complement the tone they set it out to be.

A lot of people are arguing that Microsoft Powerpoint is a “dead” tool for presentations, and that it should not be used anymore, if people wants to create a better looking, and possibly a more professional tone that would make others think that it was from a veteran in photo editing. Hence, presentation tools were born and this includes massive names in the industry inlcuding Movavi, Canva, Prezi, Zoho Share, and the like. However, one stands out, and this is the culmination of different tools from Movavi, with the Slideshow Maker and Picverse applications.

Users could try whichever application they want, however, they could be met with purchasing and wasting money on some, without receiving the best possible service unlike the recommended ones, a.k.a. “the heavy hitters,” which packs everything that is needed in a tool. Like Microsoft, Movavi’s suite of tools can be purchased and it brings several premium features for its users, along with themes, effects, and presets that elevate slideshows to the next level.

Movavi Slideshow Maker with Video Editing Software

(Photo : Movavi)

Movavi is an award-winning software development and multimedia company which develops some of the best programs there is, and what is notable about the company is that it creates intuitive tools to help in various needs. From video editing, photo, music, and even slideshow making, the company covers them all.

With this being said, the company’s suite of products offer the best possible solution for one’s needs, and for this specific period, one tool stands out and that is the presentation tool. The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted people in going out, mainly to stop the spread of the virus, so work and school are carried despite being on closed doors.

This means that school and work presentations are not excused from the disruption of usual businesses, as technology is all around the world, powering each and every process. The Movavi Slideshow Editor can also help in how to edit videos within its application, particularly as it allows people to have an interface where they can get into the basics of a video editing suite.

With this, people should either be good visual storytellers, or they have a tool that can help them capture the proper message they want to present, along with being as creative as possible while doing so. Movavi’s Slideshow Maker is one of the most intuitive ones in the market, featuring an easy-to-use platform that incorporates professional tools without the expense of studying it hard and getting confused with its features.


Movavi Slideshow Maker

(Photo : Movavi)

  • New Slideshow Maker Tool design that is easy-to-use and Intuitive
  • Montage Wizard that aims to help in creating the slideshows automatically
  • Slideshow Wizard Mode or Manual Editing Mode to choose from
  • Adding various media including “over-the-voice” commentary, audio clips, video clips, and photos
  • Built-in Photo Editing features that can help in incorporating an image to the presentation
  • Exports to multiple media formats like MP4, GIFs, and more
  • Various pre-built themes and features to choose from, effectively upgrading visuals and the like
  • Crop, rotate, resize, fit to page, enlarge, and other basic video and photo editing tools to offer.


  • Multiple Features to choose from, would not get “dry” for options in incorporating “flair” to a slideshow
  • Automatic Slideshow creator for all needs, users only need to input all variables and themes, along with other media needed
  • Multimedia approach to incorporate the need for other elements of the presentation
  • Can be used for both professional and personal uses
  • Movavi Slideshow Maker Plus for a one-time purchase
  • Whole software is below 1.5GB upon installation


  • Manual Mode is somehow hard to navigate at first as it features a sophisticated approach on its editing interface
  • Overwhelming choices to choose from (themes, pre-added songs, etc.)
  • Limited Free Version (Trial)
  • No smartphone application

Movavi Picverse: Photo Editing Software

Movavi Picverse

(Photo : Movavi via Steam)

On the other hand, Movavi is also recommending the use of another tool alongside the Slideshow Maker and that is the company’s answer to a professional video editing software called the Movavi Picverse. Despite the original presentation tool already containing several elements to edit photos, having the Picverse can potentially expand the needs of the user, effectively bringing new tools and a more powerful feature to enhance and upgrade photos.

Surely, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular and used photo editing software in the industry, however, not everyone can use it for its complex features and editing process. However, this is where Movavi Picverse differs, particularly with its easy-to-use beginner friendly features that focuses on assisting users and providing the best edit possible to complement the picture and its supposed quality.

All the best parts of a photo editing software are included within the Picverse, and those include the basic necessities like cropping, photo resizing, enlarging, choosing what part to remove, color grading, fit-to-scale, gradient, and the like.


Movavi Picverse

(Photo : Movavi)

  • Simple Interface and Intuitive Controls
  • Supports 12 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Turkish
  • Available for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.


  • All-in-one application that can be used easily
  • Plenty of features for beginners to use, presets, auto-edit, assistant, and more
  • Professional mode (manual edit mode) can effectively help in accessing highly complex functions
  • Can open several graphic formats to edit
  • Massive photo filter library that can be used for every type of need
  • Smartphone application


  • No Free Version
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to learn at first (especially if accustomed to other photo editor)


Movavi Slideshow Maker

The Movavi Slideshow Maker offers two pricing on its packages with a Yearly or Annual payment method or a One-Time Lifetime Payment for the Movavi Slideshow Maker Plus.

Personal and Professional Use Licenses

Annual Billing – $30

One-Time Lifetime – $60

In this deal alone, it is like users have already saved a lot, especially with the Lifetime license fee, giving users one less thing to worry about as their licenses are about to expire.

Movavi Picverse

The Movavi Picverse also offers two license packages with an annual and lifetime software, but users could also opt for the bundled full version of both the Picverse and the Slideshow Maker, in one.

1-Year for Picverse – $35

Lifetime for Picverse – $47

Picverse + Slideshow Maker Bundle (1-Year License)

Original Price – $66

Limited Sale Offer: $46 (save $20)

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