New TikTok Hack Lets You Have Free Apple Repairs and Replacements in Any Store!


Apple customers are in for a treat, particularly as a former Apple Store employee divulged the popular hack via TikTok and it does not require an elaborate move from the customer or a loyalty card. Moreover, it does not take “Apple Care” into consideration as this hack is completely between the customer and the Apple staff in the stores.

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The viral TikTok video has already gained almost 115,000 likes on the platform and amassed massive comments that attest to the same hack, saying that it is legitimate and a real deal among Apple stores. The hack is mainly focusing on a customer’s decorum and behavior, particularly the way they approach Apple store staff and employees.

This hack is not exactly a hack but should be something that is practiced towards any employee or worker in other shops, and even without the potential benefits or rewards that this act would bring. Apple Store rewards its customers with free repair, replacement, and the like, whenever they approach employees politely and with respect.

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Apple Retail Policy TikTok Hack Explained

Former Apple Store employee and now popular TikToker “Tani” (@tanicornerstone) reveals in a viral video that there is a secret rewards policy for polite customers in the Apple Retail Stores to help them out. This program is called the “surprise and delight” policy which is a practice in its retail stores that uses parameters to test out the customer’s approach.

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Different staff may have different “surprise and delight” parameters and it would all depend on hitting those spots to get the eligible free repair. Moreover, it would be different, particularly as they bring the device and claim it, as Apple store employees would judge a person’s character and see if they are genuine with their behavior or personality.

Moreover, Cornerstone explains that this policy was when she was part of the Apple Retail store, and she is not sure now if this was still observed by current employees. The Apple Store Retail Policy of “surprise and delight” is a massive reward for genuinely polite customers, as they can be surprised with a free repair without the thought of receiving it.

Apple Retail Policy TikTok Hack: How to Get Free Repairs

According to the comments, being down-to-earth and polite to Apple store employees from the salesperson to the cashier may help in boosting one’s chance of getting a free repair, as deemed worthy by the staff. A lot of people have attested to this, confirming its legitimacy with replacements such as batteries and water-damaged phone repair, free of charge.

TikTok Apple Store Comments

(Photo : Tani via TikTok Comments)

TikTok Apple Store Comments

(Photo : Tani via TikTok Comments)

TikTok Apple Store Comments

(Photo : Tani via TikTok Comments)

While this may seem beneficial in an Apple Store, it is still a courtesy to be polite and respectful of people in different stores, despite not expecting anything in return for the behavior portrayed by the customer. The secret rewards are one way of Apple, showing that it cares for its staff and employees as much as prioritizing paying customers.

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