PlayStation Communities Faces Extinction: Sony Assures Gamers Still Have Ways to Connect with PS4


PlayStation Communities Facing Extinction: Sony Assures Gamers That There are Still Ways to Connect with PS4 
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For those that have previously used the PlayStation Communities feature on the previous PS4 at all, it is important to enjoy the feature while it lasts since Sony is deciding to axe this feature some time in the future. Sony has recently confirmed that the PlayStation Communities feature will be made completely offline then unusable in just a few weeks.

Sony PlayStation Communities

On Wednesday, March 17, PlayStation announced that the company hasn’t given an exact date about the change but it is initially scheduled for next month. Sony has officially changed the details on its support page for the official PlayStation Communities feature. It also noted that the service will reportedly no longer be available on the previous PS4 consoles that start in April.

This would mean that for those that have this feature on the console, it would stop working. One thing that is also worth noting is that PlayStation Communities isn’t available on the PS5 as well. Instead of Sony putting the PlayStation Communities on the next generation console, the company has decided to retire the Communities altogether. 

Other means of communication

According to the story by Android Headlines, on the PS5, communication works very differently. Sony has talked about this back then when it discussed certain parts of its UI with some of the console’s features. With the PlayStation Communities now being left out, it was basically just a matter of time before Sony stopped supporting certain features in its older consoles.

Sony, however, still reassures users that there will be a way for them to stay connected within the PS4. Gamers will still be able to send messages back and forth between them and those on their friends list. Gamers can also continue to interact through the PlayStation app through their iOS or Android devices.

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Sony removes PlayStation Communities

The removal of a big feature like the PlayStation Communities kind of signifies Sony’s ultimate plans to wind things down a little bit for the PS4. Although the popular PS4 still has a few more years left while it is still being supported with new games, Sony is now no doubtedly working to slowly scale back the total amount of work that it is doing with the said console.

The new Sony PS5 is finally here and Sony will also need to ramp up its main development teams’ work along with its popular next-gen hardware. Of course, to start this off, Sony would still have to increase the total production of these consoles.

Despite launching back in November of 2020, it is still extremely hard to buy from the PS5 restock directly coming from certain online retailers. Due to scalpers as well as cryptominers, gamers have been left in the dark still struggling to get their hands on the next-gen PlayStation 5.

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