Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s March Event & AirPods 3 are MISSING! (video)


Apple’s iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and more are on sale

Samsung gaming monitors, Razer and HyperX are also on sale today

Save up to $400 on Sony 4K Smart TVs, sound systems and more

New week, but the news today still begin with deals. Starting with Cupertino’s iPhone XS which, like I don’t know how it’s still sold but it is, and you can find for 350 on Woot but of course, this is a refurbished variant.. Though better than grabbing an iPhone SE for a higher price. If you move on to B&H, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is available for 480 dollars off its original price, leaving the 256 gigs of storage variant for 620 bucks . Speaking of Samsung devices, Samsung’s trade-in deals still let you get the regular Galaxy S21 for 99 dollars or the S21 Ultra for 499 and you get 100 dollars in instant credit with certain variants. Moving on to Amazon, the Apple Watch Series 6 is 25 dollars off for the 40 mm variant, leaving that at 374. Finally, Amazon’s new Echo Dot is also 15 dollars off, leaving it at 35 dollars shipped. We have a ton of more deals on Sony TVs, Hisense TVs, Razer Gaming peripherals and more.

    Apple Leather Sleeve with MagSafe
    Apple Watch Series 6
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
    Samsung 32-inch Odyssey G7
    Acer Predator XB271HU 27-inch WQHD
    30-inch Sceptre Curved LED monitor
    Sony X800H 75-inch HDR 4K UHD Smart LED TV
    Sony X750H 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV
    70-inch Sharp Aquos LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV
    Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless
    Razer BlackWidow Elite
    Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is reportedly coming in second half of 2021 with major upgrades

Let’s move on to Microsoft and everyone’s favorite product of 2020, the Surface Duo. We know the story about how the first model was delayed multiple time and was then released to a ton of bugs in the software and old hardware. Well, according to a new report from Windows Latest, the Surface Duo 2 has apparently been in development since the second half of last year, and is scheduled to launch in the fall of this year though, Microsoft’s plans could change. When it comes to the hardware, we should expect a faster processor that is 5G capable and an improved camera but, apparently software seems to be the primary focus of the Duo 2. And I mean, it makes a ton of sense considering all the bugs it came with… but aside from the software, I’m more curious about the camera. We should be getting more information on this phone in the upcoming months and I mean, I hope they nail it this time.

Google cuts Play Store commission fee to 15% for most developers

Now, let’s shift the spotlight on to Google as, they just pulled an Apple.. Quite literally. The company announced today that they are cutting their Play Store Commission fee from 30% to 15% but, there is a catch. The fee is being reduced to 15% for the first 1 million dollars of revenue every developer earns each year, and once you reach the 1 million, you will be charged the usual 30% commission every one is currently charged. For those of you who are developers in the audience, this reduced commission will come into effect starting on July 1st this year, and they claim that 99% of the developers will benefit from this move. This will allow them to see a 50% reduction in fees, allowing them to scale up and grow by being able to hire more engineers and other people, which is kind of an irony if they start making some real money. What’s weird about it is that Google doubled down in their 30% stance last year after Apple launched their small business program but, it’s a move that benefits everyone regardless. I guess developers can thank Epic Games for this one too.

OnePlus 9 Pro might support 50W wireless charging. Hello, Apple and Samsung!

Why wait for launch? Here’s your official look at OnePlus 9 Pro 

1Hz-120Hz! Yep, that’s what OnePlus 9 Pro’s display will offer

But alright, we’re getting closer to March 23rd which is OnePlus 9 Series Day and, when we said we should be getting more leaks soon.. I didn’t think the company would be the ones doing the leaking. Yesterday the company just flat out revealed the designed of the OnePlus 9 Pro on Twitter, where they say “Specially designed reflective glass elevates the Morning Mist 9 Pro to new levels of design excellence. On the pictures you get to see the new camera module, the punch hole display and well.. That’s it. Nothing left for the imagination here. Speaking of the display and sort of confirmed things, a new report from PC Mag claims that the 9 Pro will support adaptive refresh rate that will go as low as 1Hz and as high as 120Hz of course. What this means is that while you scroll it’ll go at 120Hz but, if you’re watching a video at 30fps, the screen will change the refresh rate to 30Hz. Finally, moving on to a new leak from Pricebaba, the OnePlus 9 Pro will bring 50W wireless charging and 65W wired charging to power up that 4500 mAh battery. Most of the leaks so far are about the 9 Pro and the 9 so, we’ll see what the company decides to bring with that 9R variant which has been kept under wraps, at least more than the other variants.

Apple AirPods 3 not coming anytime soon: Report

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk Apple and AirPods. So, we’re exactly a week away from the rumored Apple event announcement, and well, still no invites. Apple has historically sent these a week early, so things start getting weird, but wait, there’s more. According to a ton of leaks from trusted sources, on that we’re supposed to get products like AirTags, iPads and, AirPods…., I mean, last week we got a ton of pictures of those AirPods including renders and even hands on images which made it look like they were ready to go. Well hold it right there. Yesterday we got a new report from Ming Chi Kuo that claims that mass production for the AirPods Pro will start until the third quarter of 2021, meaning that they will probably launch until Q4. We also have a new Weibo post from Love To Dream where he claims in his cryptic fashion that “there are no AirPods in his dream”. Shortly after he also mentioned in a tweet that the second gen AirPods will not be discontinued yet, kind of going along with what Ming Chi Kuo said. So yeah, even with all of the IRL leaks and everything we’re not exactly sure if Apple will be launching these on this March 23 Event, which we’re also not even sure if it’ll happen on that date as we should’ve gotten that invite at 9am today.





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