Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5 Along with New Generation of Tablets, Watches

Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5 Along with New Generation of Tablets, Watches


Samsung is set to reveal its upcoming lineup of devices on July 26, which will consist of foldable phones, tablets, and smartwatches. A recent teaser by TM Roh, the company’s executive, confirms that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 will stand out from the rest due to their sleeker and lighter design.


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Rebecca Hirst, head of UK Mobile Product Development, speaks during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco, California on February 11, 2020. 

Releasing New Devices 

President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, Dr. TM Roh teased the upcoming lineup of the company, expected to unveil during Galaxy Unpacked on July 26th. According to a report from 9To5Google, he provided some insight into what to expect at the highly anticipated launch event next week. 

The hints include confirmation of the arrival of new foldable phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Specifically, we can look forward to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, as well as the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic.

Aside from the devices, Roh highlighted the seamless integration of the forthcoming tablets and smartwatches, emphasizing the importance of these devices working together in perfect harmony to provide a connected and cohesive user experience. On July 26, Samsung is set to reveal its complete new collection at an event taking place in its home country of South Korea. 

New Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5

Roh stated that the development of this new lineup was influenced by the “Design Identities” of Essential, Innovative, and Harmonious. He particularly emphasized Samsung’s commitment to raising the standards with their folding phones, as the executive highlighted the significant engineering challenges involved in optimizing every gram and millimeter of a foldable device. 

“We’ve raised the standards for foldable smartphone ergonomics. A difference of a millimeter in a device’s thickness may not sound like a big change, but every gram and millimeter in a foldable device requires an engineering breakthrough. It demands craftsmanship with passion. When done well, the benefit to users is huge,” he added in the blog post.

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The Samsung Galaxy foldable devices provide users with a personalized experience, allowing them to complete their own unique devices. These Galaxy foldables enable users to express themselves in unprecedented ways, thanks to the incredibly versatile camera experience offered by Samsung Galaxy. 

Users can effortlessly capture the perfect angle without the need for hands. Additionally, the enhanced multitasking capabilities, reminiscent of a PC, set new standards for productivity, empowering users to work, collaborate, or game while on the move.

What’s New?

The Verge reported that rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 will feature an updated hinge design, effectively eliminating the presence of a “hinge gap” that was noticeable in previous models. 

This redesign not only addresses the aesthetic concern but also contributes to reducing the overall weight of both devices. In fact, it is expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will only have a slightly higher weight compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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