Sonos Roam: How the Lightweight Smart Portable is Changing the Game With its Features


Sonos Roam Smart portable device 
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The upcoming portable smart speaker Sonos Roam is highly-anticipated by fans as it is said to give almost everything that the public wanted from a Sonos Move successor.

Sonos Roam portable speaker

According to Wired, the Sonos Roam has a great chance of not just being a great Sonos Move follow-up, but critics point it out as one of the best portable speakers.

While that title could be because Sonos was able to deliver much-needed improvements, there are some bolder additions at play that might see the Sonos Roam to the top of the list of the best smart portable speakers.

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Fixing the Move

The Sonos Move is an amazing speaker. It is named as one of the best outdoor speakers that you can purchase. However, the Sonos Move is pretty heavy as it weighs almost seven pounds.

The Sonos Roam rectifies this portability issue as it weighs less than a pound and it measures around 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. It is easy to take out and about, instead of confining it to the backyard or shifting between rooms., according to CNN.

Sonos Roam is smaller than the UE Megaboom 3, one of the most popular smart portable speakers in the market. 

The Sonos Roam is flexible so that you can position it both sideways and upright. Meanwhile, Sonos Move was designed only to sit up straight.

Most enticing of all is the speaker’s price. It is not surprising that a smaller smart speaker would cost less. The Sonos Roam costs around $169 while the Sonos Move costs $399, making the former more affordable to people.

Sonos Roam has a good battery life and can continuously play music for up to ten hours.

But unlike the Sonos Move, you do not need to manually engage the Sonos Roam’s power-saving sleep mode to save battery life. Instead, it kicks in automatically when music is not playing, so the new model could potentially last longer with a single charge, depending on how you use it.

Multi-room magic

The Sonos Roam is a great Bluetooth speaker. However, it is the Wi-Fi features that could really make it one of the best of its time, according to TechRadar.

Seamless integration with existing Sonos multi-room setups will grant the Sonos Roam an instant advantage over similar models from UE or JBL, and while that is a quality shared with the Sonos Move, Sonos has created the Sonos Roam’s connectivity better.

The big result is the Sound Swap, a new feature that will let you effortlessly transfer playback from the Sonos Roam to the nearest Sonos speaker.

Numerous portable speakers can connect to others to create a stereo pair, but the Sonos Roam is the first that ties interconnectivity into its role as a portable device, so you will be able to start a song or a playlist while you are roaming around with the portable speaker, then switch over to your wired home speakers as soon as you enter a room.

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