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Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces just got another competitor… sort of. Swell is a new app for iOS focused on voice conversations.

Different from Clubhouse, Swell is not for real-time conversation. Instead, it should feel like an enormous WhatsApp chat with up to five minutes of long audio clips (via TechCrunch).

The app works like this: A user posts a standalone audio clip with an accompanying image and links, the other users can browse, listen, and leave their own audio responses in their own time.

Swell also supports audio-only group chats and private conversations, as well as public “Swellcasts,” which is structured like a comment thread.

Although Swell will be first compared to Clubhouse, the app doesn’t want to be compared with it:

Emotions, not emojis: Swell is powered by the human voice. Our voices humanize us – conversations on Swell are genuine as you can hear the emotions, understand the intent, and feel more connected to the speaker.

On your time: No scheduling necessary. You start a conversation whenever you want to, listen at your convenience, and join when you choose.

Authentic: Swell is designed for people to share firsthand accounts and perspectives. Any shared content comes with a voice and explanation, and users can provide links to credible sources to prevent the spread of misinformation. Memes and mindless forwards have no place on Swell.

No ads: We believe that ad-driven ecosystems have the wrong incentives and go against our goal of fostering thoughtful and authentic conversations.

You can download it in the App Store here for free.

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