The AI that argues back


Listen to the newest science information, with Nick Petrić Howe and Shamini Bundell.

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00:43 AI Debater

After 1000’s of years of human practise, it’s nonetheless not clear what makes a superb argument. Despite this, researchers have been creating laptop applications that can discover and course of arguments. And this week, researchers at IBM are publishing particulars of a synthetic intelligence that is able to debating with people.

Research Article: Slonim et al.

News and Views: Argument technology for debating with humans

10:30 Research Highlights

The sea slugs that can regrow their entire physique from their severed head, and proof of excessive standing girls in historical Europe.

Research Highlight: Now that’s using your head: a sea slug’s severed noggin sprouts a new body

Research Highlight: A breathtaking treasure reveals the power of the woman buried with it

12:56 Briefing Chat

We focus on some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, the following technology of gravitational wave detectors, and why 2020 was a record-breaking yr for near-Earth asteroids.

Nature News: Record number of asteroids seen whizzing past Earth in 2020

Science: Giant gravitational wave detectors could hear murmurs from across universe

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