TikTok ‘Pass The Phone’ New Challenge: How to do it With Your Friends?


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TikTok’s latest viral trend “Pass The Phone” challenge had friends roasting each other for fun.

The trend had friends, siblings, or partners, say “I’m gonna pass the phone to someone who…,” and then introducing someone by their least appealing qualities.

Initially, the person whom the phone is passed to does not hear what was told about them, and the process repeats until one of the people in the challenge runs out of something to say.

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As of Wednesday, March 17, videos associated with the hashtag #PassThePhone had been viewed about 40.7 million times. Some users decided to add their twist by passing over to their pets that equally roasts their owner.

Others even pit fictional characters against each other, like what TikTok user Tyrell, who goes by the handle @theoriesbyt, did with Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok. Even Nabisco’s cookie brand Oreo joined in the challenge, uploading a video where snacks describe each other most hilariously.

@theofficialchipsahoySheesh hope we’re still friends after this ##chipsahoy ##passingthephone ##passthephone ♬ original sound – Chips Ahoy! 

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Notable TikTok Trends

This is not the first time the Chinese video-sharing social networking service had started a trend that made its users jump in on the fun.

Earlier this year, the Tortilla Wrap Hack taught TikTok users the best way to make their favorite Mexican dish.

The trend, which goes under the hashtag #TortillaWrap, had been viewed about 28.6 million times.

The hack itself is simple: cut a slit into a tortilla from the middle, cover each of the four quarters with different ingredients or spread, and fold it into quarters starting with the cut edge.

The app also gave rise to a new wave of celebrities such as Connecticut native Charli D’Amelio and the social media magician Zach King.

Famous celebrities such as Will Smith and Jason Derulo also found a different stage on TikTok.

The duo made news in August 2020 after Derulo posted a prank video where the multi-awarded Hollywood actor seemed to have his teeth knocked out by a golf club.

In an article from The Things on February 24, the 31-year-old R&B singer admitted that he makes more on TikTok than from his music career.

“I’m able to show who I am, whereas with other apps I couldn’t show me. TikTok is all about creation and I love just building things from nothing,” Derulo said in an interview with Complex.

How TikTok Changed The World

TikTok was recognized as the most downloaded app in 2020, according to a December 2020 article from BBC.

The app, which lets users upload minute-long videos, gave the people the talented next-door neighbor that everyone can relate to.

It also gave a rise to the era of digital activism, with the most prominent role was when users promoted the Black Lives Matter movement as a trend and garnered more than 23 billion views.

TikTok creators were also credited for having a minor role in former President Donald Trump’s botched reelection campaign when only a handful of people attended in Tulsa in June 2020.

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