Wahoo Announces Improvements on Speedplay After Acquiring the Brand, Power Meter Pedal Set to Debut this Year


Speedplay pedal  

After Wahoo acquired Speedplay in 2019, the company has announced its first major refresh of the famous US brand since the dual-sided lollipop pedals were introduced in 1989.

The new Wahoo Speedplay range will have four options: the Comp, the Zero, the Nano and the Aero. There is also a fifth, which is the highly-anticipated Speedplay pedal power meter called the Powrlink Zero, scheduled to launch in summer 2021.

Wahoo Speedplay

Wahoo stated that Speedplay pedals were, and will continue to be, the only high-performance pedal in the world made for road cycling without relying on antiquated ski-binding technology, and it will be the only one to offer approachable dual-sided entry.

With the trap mechanism located in the cleat rather than the pedal, Speedplay pedals have offered lower stack height, free float, and better aerodynamics than other systems.

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But there were particular areas relating to Speedplay pedals’ performance, useability, and durability that arguably needed addressing, and that is what Wahoo has worked hard to achieve.

Adjustable float for all cleats

The Ultra Light Action cleats or X series cleats were not adjustable, supplying free float only, while the Zero cleats supplied 0 to15 degrees of adjustable float.

The revamped, streamlined range includes adjustable float from 0 to 15 degrees on all of the cleats.

Cross compatibility

Also, cleats were not cross compatible with their respective pedals. Light Action and X cleats could not be used with Zero pedals and vice versa, for example, and this was something that users found confusing and frustrating.

That is why Wahoo has simplified the system by offering two types of cleat: the Standard Tension, which will be black, and the Easy Tension, which will be grey in color.

Both of them have 0 to 15 degrees of adjustable float, and both of them can be used with all of the pedals in the new range. Both are also backward compatible with the old Zeros, according to Cycling News.

Easy maintenance

Another thing that frustrates users with Speedplay was the regular maintenance that was required. Speedplay recommended users to grease the bearings every 2,000 miles or more frequently in wet or dusty conditions.

New grease needed to be injected through a grease port at the side by using a grease gun to replace the old grease.

Speedplay has also recommended users to lube the cleats with a dry lube as often as possible before riding to prolong the lives of both the cleats and pedals, according to Cycling Tips.

The new Speedplay pedals have sealed bearings, so users do not need to regularly maintain it, according to Wahoo, and dry lubing the cleats is just optional but it would help prolong the lives of the cleats.

More durable pedal body

Wahoo added the pedal body to reduce the wear and to help improve performance. It now has stainless steel encircling the whole edge, featuring a beveled edge all the way around, replacing plastic ends. Wahoo added that clip-in action had been improved too and the durability as well.

Four spindle lengths for the Zero

As for the Zero, it will be available in four spindle lengths to make sure that all rider fit needs are met. This will be useful for women who are looking for a wider Q factor in line with a wider pelvis.

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