WhatsApp Won’t Work on Older iPhones Anymore: Alternative Ways to Download App


WhatsApp Eliminates Older iPhones from List of Compatible Devices: Here’s What’s Needed to Get the App 
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WhatsApp has definitely been one of the highlights last year as the app had announced a controversial privacy update that turned a number of its users against them. The users were then scrambling for other messaging apps like Telegram or even the Elon Musk promoted Signal. On Wednesday, March 17, the app is now eliminating a list of some older iPhones from the compatible devices that work with the app.

WhatsApp stops supporting older iOS

The popular messaging app has just updated itself this week with a number of changes that would impact the way a number of users who are still using their old phones use the app. The latest version of the said app is reportedly expected to drop its support for the iOS 9. This would also mean that it will no longer work on the older iPhone 4s models.

According to an article by 9to5mac, the WhatsApp 2.21.50 version for the iPhone, which is currently available on the App Store itself, would require that in order for users to have access to the app, they will have to have the iOS 10 or other updated versions. The previous iPhone 4s, however, is incapable of running the iOS 10 and users that still own these particular iPhones won’t be able to use the app anymore.

WhatsApp requirements

Another supporting article that was published on none other than the official WhatsApp website, there are a few things that are required in order to install the app. The limitation isn’t just for iOS but also includes a limitation for Android needing it to be a more later version as opposed to the really old phone versions.

  • Must have Android with OS 4.0.3 or newer

  • Must have iPhone with iOS 10 or newer

  • Should have phones capable of running KaiOS 2.5.1 or newer. This includes the JioPhone as well as the JioPhone 2.

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WhatsApp update

The last time that the app did something similar and updated itself removing support for some of the older phone models was not too far away and was done in February 2020. This was done with a version that had dropped support for its popular iOS 8. However, the iPhone 4 was then discontinued with the said iOS 7 which means that the iPhone 4s users would still be able to update up to iOS 9 in order to previously run WhatsApp. Now, however, that just isn’t possible anymore.

For those that are reportedly using WhatsApp on a particular unsupported device, it is now recommended that users would export all of the chat history before the said apps would stop working completely. After the privacy update and a number of people switching from WhatsApp to other apps, the new update would then possibly exclude a number of users from using the said app. Despite the thinning users of WhatsApp, this particular messaging app is still very popular and has a strong user base in certain areas.

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