Wistron India may lose more than 1.6 billion in riots


Wistron is still understanding the amount of losses and downtime related to the Indian factory riots and is unable to respond at this time. ? (Data photo)

[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report] NB and Wistron (3231), a major Apple mobile phone assembly manufacturer, had a riot at the Narasapura factory in India last weekend. The police have arrested hundreds of people. According to the Times of India, Wistron has The local police said that the riot caused Wistron’s loss of 4.37 billion rupees (about 1.671 billion Taiwan dollars), thousands of iPhones were stolen, production lines and factory equipment were damaged, and work needs to be suspended for 2 weeks. The amount and downtime are still being understood by the company and are currently unable to respond.

Wistron India’s Narasapura plant mainly assembles Apple’s iPhone SE. This incident immediately alarmed Apple’s investigation. In recent years, Apple has attached great importance to whether its suppliers’ treatment of factory employees complies with local laws and prohibits “sweatshops”. Last month, Pegatron (4938) China Some of the student workers in the factory work night shifts and overtime. They were caught by Apple and ordered to improve. In response to the riot at Wistron India, Apple also issued a statement stating that Apple has always been committed to ensuring that everyone in the supply chain is treated with dignity. The team and auditors were immediately sent to the Narasapura plant to investigate.

According to foreign media reports, the riots at Wistron’s Indian factory were mainly caused by salary disputes. Employees accused Wistron of not paying salaries according to the contract, and even some employees complained that they only received half of their salary. However, the local government said that Wistron did The agency paid money to the agency, but the agency did not send the money to the employees, causing misunderstandings. The dispute has lasted for nearly three months and eventually turned into a violent incident.

Wistron stated that the accident was caused by the intrusion of unknown persons from outside and caused unexplained damage to the plant. The company has always abided by the law, fully supported and cooperated with the relevant authorities and police in investigations. The company spared no effort to protect employees, and prioritize employee rights and interests. Provide any assistance needed.

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