Xbox Leaks ‘Fortnite’ Season 6 Theme? Color Scheme Revealed


Leaks usually come out from different places but quite unexpectedly, this time, Xbox itself has leaked the Fortnite Season 6 theme! Fortunately, it still does not seem like quite a lot was given away by the image itself but what could be clear is the new art scene fro the upcoming “Fortnite” season 6.

‘Fortnite’ season 6 leak

In the image, gamers can check out the Battle Pass floating by on a mixture of red, white, and also yellow background. While there is still not a lot of things revealed by this, it is still a start. It was noted by the Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR that this is actually likely just the upcoming color scheme of that season and couldn’t really be much else. 

The image shows just the basic Battle Bus floating on an interesting background of just colors. While it’s still just less than a week away from the upcoming season and leaks are coming in left and right, this might not be the last leak regarding the game. If this new season would be anything like the previous one, Epic Games might just release another story trailer to come with the current Battle Pass. As seen previously, more leaks start to reveal the closer the new season is to its release.

‘Fortnite’ season 6 specs

So far, there still isn’t that much to expect in the upcoming Fortnite season 6 except releasing a live event as soon as the new season would begin. It was also noted in the story by Heavy that instead of the huge lobbies of people all watching something take place, players will be getting a jampacked solo experience where they will get to see just how certain things are going to be resolved.

After this, the new season will reportedly begin and players can see just what impact will having the Zero Point exposed do for the entire season. With that being said, players will be getting some clues about the upcoming season and it will be coming in the form of a classic Batman comic.

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Fortnite Batman crossover

For those that don’t know much about what’s going on, Batman is expected to cross over with the game’s world starting April in his upcoming comic shedding light on the “Fortnite” world itself. For those fans of the Fortnite lore, the upcoming comic is also shaping up and should be read in order to understand how long a day actually is and maybe even how people could escape the loop.

Of course, this technically isn’t Batman’s first dive into the world. However, this will be the first time that a more indulging experience will be given to players. Batman is still considered as the world’s top detective. This means if there really is anyone who is capable fo finding out more about the “Fortnite” world, it’s most likely him.


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