YouTube will flag copyright violation issues even before a video is uploaded


YouTube is rolling out a new feature that will check for potential copyright violations and whether it can be monetized – even before a video is uploaded. The new tool is called Checks, and it will appear as the last step before a video goes live on the platform. However, users will be able to publish their videos while the check is still running. The idea is to warn creators in advance, rather than receiving a copyright notice or their video being restricted from using ads due to unsuitable content. 

You will be able to publish even while the Checks tool is running

The company says that the process of checking and flagging potential copyright violations takes three minutes to complete. However, there might still be a chance that your video might be flagged for copyright infringement after going live. As for checking content suitability and deciding whether it can be monetized via ads, the Checks tool will take around 4 minutes. 

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If a creator sees that there are a few copyright issues detected by the Checks tool, they’ll be able to see all the details such as the portion of content that belongs to someone else, the timecode at which the disputed content appears, and what actions can be taken to fix the issues. Creators can then choose to remove or edit those portions, or dispute the findings if they think the system made a mistake. 

Despite passing the Checks stage, manual copyright claims can come your way

Additionally, if your video is flagged by the Checks tool for content suitability issues that go against YouTube’s ad-friendly content guidelines, you will have a chance to go through the content, metadata, and thumbnail again to make the necessary changes However, if you think that the system is inaccurate, you can request a human review as well. Once the video has been reviewed, you’ll be notified about the same via email.

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But YouTube warns that even if a video has passed the Checks analysis without any issues, it is still open to manual copyright claims from others, and might be penalized if the claims are verified. Additionally, if you edit your video settings that violate the YouTube guidelines, some restrictions may be applied as well. 

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