Apple iPhone 13 Rumors Leaks ‘Under-Display’ Touch ID, the ‘Fingerprint Under Glass’ Feature


Apple iPhone 13 Rumors Leaks ‘Under-Display’ Touch ID, the ‘Fingerprin Under Glass’ Feature 
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Rumors now reportedly suggest that Apple might be adding a new under-display Touch ID to the upcoming iPhone 13. At the same time, the company is also pointing out to yet another year with their Face ID biometric authentication feature with the supposed Apple Watch. This unlock feature is reportedly available on the iOS 14.5.

Under-display touch ID

Barclays analysts, Wall Street Journal, and also Bloomberg have all published a few details through the past few months regarding Apple’s reported testing of a new under-display Touch ID for the Apple iPhone 13.

This new technology is not just shared around Apple products but also shared by its competitors. The difference, however, is the placement of the Touch ID.

According to the story by 9to5mac, the pandemic has reportedly made the Face ID harder to carry out as people are required to wear a face mask making it harder for them to use Face ID. Initially, Apple had updated the iPhone in order to show the passcode screen when the particular Face ID recognizes a particular mask.

Apple phones and Apple Watch

Just a year later, the company is expected to launch the popular iOS 14.5 that would add the whole ability for users to unlock the phone with the use of the Apple Watch.

Although not all iPhone owners also own an Apple Watch, the new under-display Touch ID really doesn’t seem ready based on some other smartphones that still use a simple embedded fingerprint scanner under the display.

Back in January, Qualcomm had announced the new in-screen fingerprint sensor that was reportedly 50% faster as well as 77% larger compared to past technology. This particular sensor is now featured in Samsung’s newest Galaxy S21 and is both fast and reliable.

However, it is reportedly not as fast as the Face ID and also not that safe.

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Touch ID technology

An article by iMore explains more about the whole under-display Touch ID, which is said to be a “fingerprint under glass” type of feature. It could reportedly be used for additional 3D sensing and could also be for additional security.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently stated in a particular investor note that was released just earlier this month that as of the moment, there is still “no visibility” when it comes to the schedule of the upcoming iPhone to be adopting the said Touch ID in the phone’s power button some time this year. Kuo then talks about yet a smaller notch with bigger batteries as well as a 120Hz refresh rate support. However, there is still no button Touch ID.

It is fairly known that Apple usually takes a while to test out their new features and that if the under-display Touch ID would be released with the iPhone 13, it might still take some time before this happens.

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