Can people get too much exercise? Mitochondria hint that the answer is yes



Elite athletes assist to disclose the prices of intense bodily exercise.

Regular train is a boon to well being, however fanatical exercises may need a metabolic draw back. A brand new evaluation suggests that extremely intensive train blunts the physique’s means to manage blood sugar as a result of it impairs mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell.

Mikael Flockhart and Filip Larsen at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences in Stockholm and their colleagues had 11 volunteers do three weeks of more and more strenuous train. The individuals’ athletic efficiency improved after the transition from gentle to reasonable coaching, however stagnated with the most intense routine.

Weekly muscle biopsies revealed that the energy-producing capability of mitochondria initially elevated with train depth, however dropped drastically with vigorous coaching. This discount in mitochondrial exercise coincided with an impaired means to metabolize the glucose in a glass of sugar water that individuals gulped.

The researchers additionally studied a separate group of 15 skilled endurance athletes and 12 non-athletes, and located that the common blood-sugar ranges for every group over 24 hours had been practically similar. But the professionals skilled longer durations of excessive and low blood sugar than the non-athletes.

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