The first snow in Nantou Christmas! Free admission to “White Snow Woods Scenic Spot”, pure white beauty and Japanese temple like being in Kyoto


In addition to the dreamy white snow wood scenery, the Zen Temple and Nantianmen landmarks in the garden all have a Japanese atmosphere, which makes people fly to Japan in seconds. Figure / Authorized by IG@chinling_kuo

Autumn and winter, Taiwan snow boom continued, while back like bursts of Mu Xinquan Leisure Farm , with snow on the beauty of wood and Huang Jinfeng become an annual rammed point, enthusiastic crowds but also to the official emergency Closed to 12/9 before Reopen. In fact, in addition to Taichung, Nantou also has a free “white snow wood scenery” hidden on the campus. The white snow and the Nantian Gate, which is designed with a Japanese temple style, has become another pseudo-going abroad scene for the printing community and it is also worthy of being included. List of free admission photo spots.

This sea of ​​white flowers is located in the “I Ching University” of the Social University of Bagua Mountain in Nantou. Every December to January of the following year, there is a chance to see the blooming white snow trees. When fully bloomed, the dense white flower buds form as if covered by snow. The scenery, coupled with the Nantian Gate at the rear, is included in the mirror, making it easy to get the first place in the check-in scene.

In addition to the popular Christmas snow, there is also a 25-meter-high statue of the ancestor Wang Chan, the tallest statue in the world. The magnificent golden body is awe-inspiring and attracts many pilgrimages. The 28-hectare I-Ching University also has small attractions such as Tianxin Pool, Nantian Gate, and 20-meter-long Weixin Avenue, which are suitable for tourists to visit and experience the Zen of Wabi-Sabi and the strong cultural atmosphere. Yijing University is close to the urban area of ​​Nantou, so it is very convenient for citizens or people from other counties and cities to arrange day trips!